Most Famous & Best Queen Songs Ranked


Freddie Mercury’s British rock band “QUEEN” formed in London. The bitchiest band on earth performed most memorable singles in the world music history since their formation in 1970. They are one of the most popular and classic rock bands ever. This iconic rock band has many the best-selling songs. As a Queen fan, you might have these questions:

What is Queen’s most famous song? or What is Queen’s best selling single?

Well, here we have your answer. It is very difficult to compile a top chart on Queen as there are so many hit singles. But finally, we did it, all Queen famous songs are ranked! presents the very best songs of Queen:

Top Chart (The Most Famous Songs of Queen)

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. Another One Bites the Dust
  3. Under Pressure
  4. We Will Rock You
  5. Somebody to Love
  6. Don’t Stop Me Now
  7. Killer Queen
  8. The Show Must Go On
  9. We Are the Champions
  10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  11. Fat Bottomed Girls
  12. Radio Ga Ga
  13. I Want to Break Free
  14. I Want It All
  15. You’re My Best Friend
  16. Tie Your Mother Down
  17. Who Wants to Live Forever
  18. A Kind of Magic
  19. Bicycle Race

Worthy Mentions of Queen’s Biggest Hits/Best Selling Singles

  • One Vision
  • Seven Seas of Rhye
  • Stone Cold Crazy
  • These Are the Days of Our Lives
  • Flash
  • Innuendo
  • Now I’m Here
  • Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
  • Hammer to Fall
  • I’m in Love with My Car
  • Keep Yourself Alive
  • Breakthru
  • Headlong
  • I’m Going Slightly Mad
  • It’s a Hard Life
  • Play the Game
  • Friends Will Be Friends
  • I Was Born to Love You
  • It’s Late
  • Love of My Life
  • No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)
  • Princes of the Universe
  • Save Me
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Miracle
  • Too Much Love Will Kill You
  • Body Language
  • I Can’t Live with You
  • Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love)
  • Let Me in Your Heart Again
  • Let Me Live
  • Machines (Or ‘Back to Humans’)
  • Man on the Prowl
  • One Year of Love
  • Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
  • Put Out the Fire
  • Sheer Heart Attack
  • Tear It Up
  • Teo Torriatte
  • Thank God It’s Christmas
  • The Prophet’s Song
  • You Don’t Fool Me

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Present/Past Band Members: Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara), John Deacon, Mike Grose, Barry Mitchell & Doug Ewood Bogie

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