Duran Duran Songs Ranked – Playlist & Greatest Hits

Duran Duran

Inspired by a movie character “Durand-Durand” this British band formed in Birmingham in 1978. The band is called Duran Duran. These 80’s pop legends were mostly in new wave and synthpop music. They achieved many singles in the top chart. As a Duran Duran fan, you might have the following questions:

What are the best Duran Duran songs? or What is the Duran Duran’s hit song?

Well, here we have your answer. It is very difficult to compile a top chart on Duran Duran as there are so many hit singles. But finally, we did it, all Duran Duran famous songs are ranked! GreatestHitsEver.com presents the very best songs of Duran Duran:

Top Chart (The Most Famous Songs of Duran Duran)

  1. A View to a Kill
  2. Hungry Like the Wolf
  3. Save a Prayer
  4. The Reflex
  5. Is There Something I Should Know?
  6. Planet Earth
  7. Rio
  8. Girls on Film
  9. Notorious
  10. Ordinary World
  11. New Moon on Monday
  12. The Chauffeur
  13. Come Undone
  14. Electric Barbarella
  15. The Wild Boys
  16. Union of the Snake
  17. I Don’t Want Your Love
  18. Skin Trade

Worthy Mentions of Duran Duran’s Biggest Hits/Best Selling Singles

  • Careless Memories
  • Girl Panic!
  • (Reach Up for The) Sunrise
  • All She Wants Is
  • Anyone Out There
  • Finest Hour
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • My Own Way
  • New Religion
  • Burning the Ground
  • Falling Down
  • Friends of Mine
  • Last Chance on the Stairway
  • Late Bar
  • Lonely in Your Nightmare
  • Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
  • Out Of My Mind
  • Secret Oktober
  • Serious
  • Too Much Information
  • What Are The Chances?
  • Do You Believe In Shame?
  • Election Day
  • Fame
  • Last Night in the City
  • Like an Angel
  • Meet El Presidente
  • Perfect Day
  • Shadows On Your Side
  • Someone Else Not Me
  • Sound of Thunder
  • The Man Who Stole A Leopard
  • Violence of Summer (Love’s Taking Over)
  • What Happens Tomorrow

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Present/Past Band Members: Simon Le Bon, Dominic Brown, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Stephen Duffy, Andy Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell, Simon Colley, Andy Wickett, Alan Curtis & Jeff Thomas

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